Why Cinco De Mayo Might Sink Your Recovery

cinco de mayo

May 5th is one of those days where drinking and abusing drugs is socially accepted. This inebriated holiday is legendary for booze-fueled happy hours and consuming copious amounts of drugs due in part to Mexico gaining its freedom back in 1862. This day has really changed its meaning over the last 158 years especially by national breweries and liquor distributors.


Today’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations are met with Mexican food and drink specials galore. People who drink alcohol and do drugs cannot wait to “party” down on this day. The problem you may be facing is that you have been invited to attend all the festivities, but you are sober. You are terrified of what could happen if you went out to the bar or to a house party. Take heed in protecting your sobriety because you could sink your recovery on Cinco de Mayo. 


You Are Not Prepared 

There may be a time where you can be around people who drink and use drugs heavily although that is a tall order for someone recovering from addiction. Being around drugs and alcohol in any capacity can tempt you to think that you could handle one drink or one drug. Unless you have a reason to be there, stick to what you know. Hang out with sober friends and do not let the fear-of-missing-out trick you into thinking you must be there.  


You Are Not Supported

Going somewhere and being the only one who is not hammered is a tough place to be. In recovery, what works for you is that you have people who are encouraging you to stay sober. If you are somewhere with people who are drinking and using, eventually they will lose their inhibitions and possibly start pressuring you to drink and use with them. All they care about is getting high and drunk and cannot understand why you are not. This may cause you to have cravings and be enticed to join in, putting your sobriety at risk.  


You can still have fun on Cinco de Mayo without being in the bar scene or taking a trip to the drug dealer. If you are hell-bent on celebrating, you can go eat Mexican food for lunch or make your own authentic Mexican meal at home. Whatever you choose to do on May 5th this year, keep your recovery as your first concern and everything will stay muy bien.


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