Jessica Simpson’s Road to Recovery

Jessica Simpson’s Road to Recovery

Over the past two decades, Jessica Simpson has proven herself to be a bonafide singer, a fashion designer, and an adoring family woman. When her reality show debuted back in 2003, she was viewed as young, naive, and delightfully worthy of talk around the water cooler. Throughout her career, she has continued to be a prime target of the paparazzi because of her candor, her weight, her relationships, and her Instagram posts. All the while, Jessica has stood tall in her positive belief in being who she is instead of taking on the negativity of others. 

Open Book

Recently, Jessica wrote a book titled, “Open Book”, where she literally opens up about some life-changing events that took place in her life that had not yet been mentioned in the limelight. She reveals that she had got sober in November of 2017 from alcohol and pills. The girl next door managed to keep her addiction and sexual trauma from her fans until she was ready to disclose her story to them. 

Open Share

She came to a jumping-off point after a Halloween party she hosted at her home, and it was then she realized she could no longer go on living that way because she became painfully aware that alcohol was just making everything worse. She told her husband, retired NFL player, Eric Johnson, that she was going to get sober and he jumped on the water wagon with her. Nine months into her sobriety, Jessica Simpson was on stage singing with her musical idol, Willie Nelson, while her kids watched her perform for the first time in the audience. She profoundly remembers realizing at that moment how wonderful life was without drugs and alcohol. 

“Getting to the other side of fear is beautiful. In many ways, it’s peaceful because when we know we can walk through things, and come out on the other side and be better because of it, there’s just no better gift.”

We should all take a page out of Jessica’s book to get the help we need to stay sober in a manner that gets us into the solution. Recovery is about sharing in a general way, what it used to be like and what it is like now, and when we are ready, we should share our story to a larger audience. 

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