The Results of Conflict Resolution in Your Recovery

The Results of Conflict Resolution in Your Recovery

Relationships bare much weight on the recovery process because of the way mental health and emotional sobriety can be tested. When things do not go your way, your automatic go-to is to drink and use so you no longer have to feel any pressure. Once you get sober, however, you have to find a way to cope during stressful times without the use of mind-altering drugs. When your pain gets greater than your fear, you need to make some changes and use conflict resolution to your advantage for better results. 

You Earn Respect

If you are combative with everyone and everything, you will give the impression that you are hard to get along with. If you treat others with regard to how they are feeling and listen to reason, you will no doubt be seen as someone who is respectfully trying to avoid negative confrontation.  

You Improve Communication

Trying to prove that you are right about everything means that you are probably pushing people away at the same time. Everyone wants to be heard and given a chance to express themselves. Once you stop using conflict as a source of conveying what you are trying to say, you can start having two-way conversations instead of only trying to get your point across. Valuing other people’s opinions and using your recovery principles to direct a positive attitude goes a long way in conflict resolution.

You Inspire Resilience

Everybody makes mistakes, including you. People often find the flaws in others that they have in themselves without giving forgiveness for doing exactly what they are doing. Finding the solution in these mistakes rather than hypocritically getting mad amongst some denial, can show give you the ability to show others the truth and help them regain their composure in the wake of difficulty.

You Promote Unity

If you are easy to get along with, you are making the world around with a simpler place to be. Even when others start to gossip or bring about strife, you can be a good example and exude positive energy that makes people not want to exhibit bad behavior in your presence. Rather than jump into arguments or bad-mouth others, you can set the tone with harmony.

Conflict resolution is something you should strive for on a daily basis. Serenity is the direct result of trying to do the right thing among others and within yourself.

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