Why Support for the Family is an Important Piece of Recovery

Why Support for the Family is an Important Piece of Recovery

When addiction becomes apparent within a family circle, often the person with the addiction is the one who is solely in the spotlight. The problem with that scenario is that addiction affects every single person who encounters it, especially those who are closest. Loved ones can become codependent on enabling the addictive behaviors so that life will seem normal or so that they do not have to see the person abusing drugs and alcohol suffer any longer.

What really gets overlooked with the family members who also secondhand suffer from addiction is that they need help just as badly as the person with the substance use disorder. The family separately needs to find their own support to cope with the issues that surround addiction. Finding others who also have a family member battling addiction can add value in relating to the situation and discerning how to set boundaries in hopes to stop enabling substance abuse which is imperative for their own peace of mind.

When should I look for my own support?

Support for the family is readily available for you any time you want to reach for it. You may be afraid of the repercussions of your family member lashing out if they found out you were getting help or the embarrassment of seeing someone you know. Take into account that your loved one with the addiction will prolong you from stopping their alcohol and drug abuse as long as they can. If you do see someone you know, remember that you understand how they feel and use the pain of both situations as a way to bond instead of a blushing moment that can distance you from being part of the group. The sooner you make the commitment to get your own help, the sooner you can distance yourself from the unfortunate circumstances you share. 

Where do I look for my own support?

Here at Valiant Living, we provide in-house support for the partners and families of those battling substance abuse in our community. We know that addiction is a family disease and want to encourage everyone involved to get well by using some of the recovery resources being offered.

  • Donna Schwartz offers a free family group for the community every Tuesday morning. 
  • Anna Smith offers a group for partners of sex addicts every other Monday night. 

We also want to encourage family members to attend local Al-Anon meetings in your community to help you understand what your role in your loved one’s addiction is and what you can do to support their recovery. 

If you have more questions surrounding our recovery resources, please contact us and we will be happy to point you in the right direction of support for the entire family. 

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