Why You Should Have Faith Over Fear

Why You Should Have Faith Over Fear

Every human being is overcome with fear at some point in their lives whether they want to admit it or not. Being afraid in any capacity is just part of the makeup of the brain. Some people can deal with it with no problem and others can be completely crippled by the effects of being fearful. Financial problems, relational issues, and even fearing that you will drink or use again can be debilitating enough to keep you up at night. 

Instead of tossing and turning and becoming restless over the fears you have no control over, maybe you could turn that anxiety into faith. You have probably heard the cliché “everything happens for a reason” which may infuriate your sensibilities. How would your faith translate into accepting everything the way that it is when negative things continue to happen to you? This is the question that will be pondered on to help you have faith over fear.

Your reaction

How you react makes a difference in how you perceive life. Being in constant fear about everything that you are around will make your attitude suffer. Instead of having an attitude of gratitude, your bias will be the opposite of pious. Rather than looking at your life with favor, you tend to look at everything as a misfortune which no doubt brings about negative feelings. A doom and gloom perspective will wear on a person and bring them down. By looking for the positives even when circumstances warrant a bad attitude, your reaction will make things much better. In order to get blessings, you must be a blessing. The best way to get over fear is to keep your reaction in check for a bigger purpose in faith.

Your action

Action will follow your thoughts so why not change your thoughts from being afraid of having the courage to simply go with the flow? When you are trying to control all that takes place in your life instead of trusting the dictates of a Higher Power, you will see much better results. When you are running the show, you turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pressures of life on life’s terms. When you are putting your faith in a Higher Power, you are taking the pressure off you to make everything perfect and discovering that your circumstances will be just fine in sobriety. Other actions will take the place of substance abuse such as going to meetings, fellowshipping with others who are also in recovery, working the 12-Steps, exercising, eating healthy, and even praying and meditating. These types of actions feed the body, mind, and soul which are so vital in recovery.

Your traction

Being grounded in your faith will give you a leg up over your fear. Believing that life is not happening to you but knowing that things are happening for you will eventually become the mindset. Even when negative situations arise from your drug and alcohol abuse, your life can change when you comprehend why these circumstances must occur. Rolling with the punches instead of bucking the system will no doubt begin to grow your faith because you will see the lesson in what is going on and learn from it rather than keep doing what you are doing. Putting down roots in your faith can open up the pathways to knowing that this too shall pass, and you will be better for it through building up your faith. 

Your attraction

There is no way to deny that you become similar to the people who you surround yourself with. This means that if you are around faithless people, more than likely you will conform to your own fears and maybe even theirs. Looking at the kind of people you are attracting into your life is really important to consider. Decide on your spiritual prowess by attracting the type of spiritual people who have what you want as a way of spiritual attraction rather than promotion. Ponder into what changes they have made so that you can see where your faith lies. Ask questions about how faith did for them what they could not do for themselves and follow suit. 

Your dissatisfaction

If you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of believing that everything is exactly how it should be, then you are worrying instead of walking in faith. Having an attitude of disbelief will only get you so far and make you unhappy in the process. By not relying on anything for anything means you cannot be certain about anything which makes you not have joy in anything and creates dissatisfaction in everything.

Faith over fear is a much better way to go through life. Using your recovery tools to really assimilate that you are worthy of having a Higher Power means that you ready to receive the positive validation that comes with your spiritual faith.

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