Valiant Living Detox Center—three weeks in

Three weeks in, and we are off to a great start at Valiant Living’s new detox center. We officially opened and began serving clients on January 7th.

This “interventional detox” approach creates a safe landing place for clients struggling with chemical addictions and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. Our full treatment team includes a medical director, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, LPNs, counselors, and addiction techs. We blend high level medical intervention with a relationally supportive home-like environment.

Our services are ideal for male or female clients 18 and over who are just coming off 72-hour holds or out of active chemical addictions. Our approach is to be a soft enough landing place where people can stay for a while, but challenging enough to help them make the hard decisions about long-term recovery.

From there, we guide clients and their families through the process of selecting the next steps in their individualized treatment plan that will set them on the path to building the life they’ve always wanted. We’ve been able to refer clients to a variety of other treatment centers depending on their particular needs and goals.

If you know someone in need of our individualized detox treatment services, connect with us at 720-446-6585 or