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How to Treat An Avoidant Personality Disorder

An avoidant personality disorder is a lesser-known mental health condition that affects one percent of the general population. People who deal with this disorder are often reluctant to participate in everyday life events, such as work, social, or school, due to an overwhelming fear of rejection or criticism. Feelings of inferiority support a person’s belief […]

The Dangers of Process Addictions

When someone hears the word ‘addiction’, they typically think of drugs and alcohol. A less commonly known term is a process addiction, although this can be just as harmful and destructive to a person’s life. The focus of process addictions includes gambling, shopping, video games, pornography, eating, and sex.  What Addictions All Have in Common […]

Maintaining Sobriety During the Holiday Season

When the holiday season starts, it brings many opportunities for parties and family gatherings. For many people, this means enjoying an alcoholic drink or three without a problem, but for those who are maintaining their sobriety, it can be tricky. Living a sober life doesn’t mean you have to avoid every get-together during the holidays. […]

When Cough Syrup Becomes an Addiction

Sex Addiction Issues

As we head into the cold and flu season, many people stock up on medicine cabinet supplies such as cough syrup. When used as directed, this product is safe for consumption. However, some people develop an addiction that can quickly spiral out of control. Dextromethorphan, which replaced codeine in cough syrups decades ago and works […]