Finding the Right Care

Valiant Living surpasses expectations in providing comprehensive support for clients, whether they are seeking treatment for the first time or have prior experience. With our unwavering commitment to long-term recovery, our tailored program offers exceptional care and supervision, catered to the unique needs of each individual. We prioritize the well-being of both newcomers and those who have recently relapsed, ensuring a quick return to the path of progress without prolonged stays. Moreover, our program encompasses dual diagnosis care for clients facing mental health challenges and extends support to those undergoing medication-assisted treatment. Prior to completing the program, our proficient team evaluates each client’s progress and diligently coordinates the most suitable level of care, accommodating diverse individuals at various stages of their recovery journey. 

Our Specialized Case Management Program and Aftercare

Following detox, many clients find themselves pondering what lies ahead. While detox is a crucial component of the recovery journey, it alone is not sufficient for achieving lasting sobriety. A comprehensive short or long-term treatment program, thoughtfully tailored to address the intricate nature of addiction, is where sustainable recovery truly takes shape. At Valiant Living, we are proud to offer our unique Transitional Residence Program—a distinctive approach to residential treatment that prioritizes guiding patients towards their desired destination. This short-term program affords us the invaluable opportunity to assess each patient’s requirements and seamlessly coordinate post-detox care, ensuring a seamless progression into a higher level of support. Throughout this transformative process, our dedicated recovery teams work closely with both patients and their loved ones, evaluating individual needs, establishing treatment objectives, and facilitating financial planning, and more. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that upon discharge, all necessary preparations are in place for the next phase of their journey. 

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