For Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Your Story Is Only As Good As Your Team

Valiant Living offers a unique and holistic experience to men from all walks of life. Everyone thinks they're on their own path with unique struggles, but we understand that you are not alone.

Trust us, we've seen it all.

We need to bypass our pride which tells us "I am not that bad," and the shame that tells us "I am too messed up to help."

- Michael Dinneen, Founder & CEO

The Path To Your True Self

"It feels like weakness to you, it's obvious strength to everyone else." - Michael Simms



Valiant Living's core goal is to have each client on succeeding in their individual goals from a unique perspective.
We understand the role of relationships during any recovery process. Your loved ones are not forgotten.
All referring professional should inquire directly with Michael Dinneen. He can be reached here: michael@valiantliving.com

What We Do For You

Sometimes we're more wounded than we realize, and our potential is more than we'd ever imagine.
Our hopes for you are more than you may have for yourself. Most men seeking treatment just want the pain to stop. They want their license back, their wife to be happy and love them, make more money, feel more respected, and gain back trust from those they love the most. What we want for you is to be on a path of purpose, enjoyment, stability, satisfaction - without any compulsion, lies, addictions or secrets.

What We Do For
Your Loved Ones

We must understand that as with any common illness, medication must be spaced out and limited to daily use in order to be effective. Taking 10 days worth of medicine has no benefit, and would certainly be detrimental to any patient. Healing is a process that takes time, and we're here to walk beside you as we conquer this together.


How We Assist the
Referring Professional

Your Go-To Resource for Custom Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment
The Valiant Living Men's Professional Rehabilitation and Treatment Center is able to work with referring professionals for custom in-patient and out-patient treatment programs. We understand that each case is unique, and we tailor our programs to fit the individual needs of each man who comes through our doors. Our staff has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we work closely with referring professionals to ensure that all of our patients receive the best possible care. We offer a variety of services, including individual and group therapy, family counseling, and educational workshops. We also have an extensive network of community resources that we can connect our patients with, if needed. Our goal is to help every man who comes to us achieve lasting sobriety and lead a fulfilling life.

Employer Assistance Programs

We Always Appreciate New Inquires and Offer A Variety of Partnership & Assistance Options

The Valiant Living Men's Professional Rehabilitation and Treatment Center offers a wide range of services to help individuals struggling with addiction. One of the ways we are able to help our clients is through employer assistance programs.

Employer assistance programs are designed to help employees who are struggling with addiction or other mental health issues. These programs can provide financial assistance for treatment, counseling, and other resources. They can also offer support in the form of leaves of absence, job coaching, and other forms of assistance.

We are proud to partner with employer assistance programs to help our clients get the treatment they need. We believe that these programs are an important resource for individuals struggling with addiction and we are committed to helping our clients access them.