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Disclaimer: This test is intended for educational purposes only. It should be noted that an online test cannot properly diagnose someone’s addiction or mental condition. If you score higher on the test, you may want to seek proper clinical advice. 


Cocaine Addiction Test

Fill out the test below to get an estimate of the likelihood that you or someone you care about is suffering from cocaine addiction.

Do you frequently use cocaine in large amounts whenever it is available?

Do you find yourself unable to stop using cocaine once you’ve started?

Do you find yourself doing more cocaine in order to achieve the same high you had reached in prior experiences?

Do you experience withdrawals such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety or depression when you stop using cocaine?

Have you been unable to successfully quit cocaine despite your best efforts?

Have you ever consulted a healthcare professional to help you quit?

Have you ever continually neglected any family responsibility or other obligation because of cocaine?

Have you ever lost a job or friends because of cocaine?

Have you ever committed a crime (aside from purchasing or possessing the drug) to obtain cocaine?

Have you ever been arrested for using or possessing cocaine?

Do you use cocaine more than once a week?

Since using cocaine, have you experienced paranoia, hallucinations, delusions or seizures?

Since using cocaine, have you had an issue with weight loss?

Since using cocaine, have you had any problems with your heart, gastrointestinal tract or kidneys?

Since using cocaine, have you had any problems with nasal perforations or your respiratory system?

Have you ever gone to the hospital because of cocaine?