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Disclaimer: This test is intended for educational purposes only. It should be noted that an online test cannot properly diagnose someone’s addiction or mental condition. If you score higher on the test, you may want to seek proper clinical advice. 


Borderline Personality Disorders Test

Fill out the test below to get an estimate of the likelihood that you or someone you care about is suffering from borderline personality disorders.

Do your moods change frequently or unexpectedly?

Do you find yourself getting intensely angry with others very easily?

Do you have any chemical dependencies?

Do you cut, burn or otherwise hurt yourself to relieve emotional numbness or pain?

Do you remember your childhood as being stressful?

Do you make impulsive or self-defeating decisions?

Are you afraid that people you care about will reject or abandon you?

Do you remember your childhood as being traumatic or abusive?

Are you uncertain about who you really are and what you want from life?

Do you feel empty or bored inside?

Do you sometimes become so stressed that you feel threatened or paranoid?

Do you feel that it is very dangerous to deeply trust other people?