Episode Summary

Ever wondered what happens when an NFL star tackles his toughest opponent yet—addiction? Former NFL running back Montee Ball joins us on the Valiant Living Podcast to share his remarkable life story. From the excitement of night games and winning a Big Ten Championship to the often unseen struggles of addiction, Montee opens up about his journey with raw honesty. He offers a unique perspective on why he finds the atmosphere of college sports more engaging than the professional scene and reveals how the pre-game hype fueled his performance on the field.

Montee’s journey takes a profound turn as he candidly discusses his battle with addiction, a struggle that began in his college years and led him to some of his darkest moments. Encouraged by his therapist to journal his thoughts, Montee wrote over 80,000 words, which became a cornerstone of his recovery process. A pivotal moment came when he watched his former team win the Super Bowl from a jail cell, a stark wake-up call that pushed him to confront his issues head-on with the unwavering support of his family. This episode underscores the importance of seeking help and the transformative power of becoming a recovery coach.

In our final segment, we explore how Montee applies the discipline and perseverance from his athletic career to his recovery journey. He sheds light on the importance of opening up about personal struggles, the role of faith, and the blend of spirituality with self-accountability in his healing process. Montee also emphasizes creating spaces where men can openly share their vulnerabilities, fostering genuine connections, and promoting healing. Tune in to hear Montee’s inspiring insights on resilience, the ongoing journey towards peace, and the power of showing up consistently.