Episode Summary

In our latest podcast episode, we delve into the riveting story of Jake, a man who grappled with the tendrils of addiction and emerged victorious through the Valiant Living program. This episode is more than a narrative; it’s an exploration of the nuanced process of recovery, reflecting the real-life mosaic of trials and triumphs that construct a journey towards sobriety. As Jake unfolds his tale, listeners are invited to step into a world where vulnerability is a strength and a supportive community is the cornerstone of healing.


Guest Bio: Jake Dockser

Jake Dockser is Vice President, Technology and Special Projects at GreenGen where he is primarily responsible for identifying and investing in property-related technologies that lower operating costs in the built environment and working with our CEO on special projects, including carbon offsets and infrastructure.

Prior to GreenGen, Jake spent over two years working in the administration of President Barack Obama as the Special Assistant for International Trade and Investment under Secretary Penny Pritzker and Under Secretary Stefan Selig at the Department of Commerce. Jake was involved in achieving President Obama’s robust trade agenda, including two major negotiations (TPP and US-EU Privacy Shield). Responsible for attracting foreign direct investment into the US and helping US businesses operate internationally, Jake traveled to more than 25 countries, including extensive travel to China. His expertise in identifying key actors in foreign markets has been invaluable to GreenGen’s operations. After Commerce, Jake spent a year at Activision Blizzard in Santa Monica, CA, reporting directly to CEO Bobby Kotick, where he was responsible for the initial round of team sales for the firm’s Overwatch Pro League.

Jake earned a B.S. in Economics and B.S. in Political Science from the University of Michigan. He is an avid fan of all things DC sports (Go Caps!) and is a huge Michigan supporter