Meet Our Staff

Jill Gallegos


Jill completed Addiction Counseling courses as well as Marriage and Family Therapy courses at the Colorado School of Family Therapy. She is a licensed addiction counselor (LAC) as well as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and is currently working on completing the required hours needed to obtain her marriage and family therapy licensure as well as obtaining her CSAT Certification. Once she has received licensure in marriage and family therapy Jill plans on becoming trained in AAMFT Supervision.

Jill has past medical knowledge as well as crisis intervention training and is skilled in performing specialized assessments, addressing complex psychiatric, mental health, and substance use disorders utilizing a diverse range of research-based models and clinical interventions. She is a multifaceted counselor who enjoys practicing from a multimodal approach recognizing that everyone’s recovery is unique and deserves a treatment plan that focuses on specific needs tailored to their personal journey. She also feels that self-appreciation, forgiveness, and love are important in recovery, and enjoys helping clients find these important attributes within themselves.

“I prefer to envision us as pieces of shattered stained glass. As we heal from our addictions and soothe our mental health, we begin to pick up our beautifully broken pieces and glue them back together. The pieces fit differently once they have fractured, allowing us to create a new version of ourselves. A self who is stronger, more resilient, and beautifully mended; allowing our light to shine through our cracks, and lead others to the path of recovery.” – Jill