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Our community is built around one simple idea – we want you to succeed. Asking for help and taking action are some of the most courageous and valiant decisions a man can make. The stigma behind mental health and illnesses, particularly for men, is one that we are actively working to defeat.

"Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue..."

You are not alone. We can do this. Together.

"For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one's surrender to a person other than oneself."

- Viktor E. Frankl

Our Founder

Michael Dinneen
Founder & CEO
Michael has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years, primarily focused on addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. Prior to cofounding VL and DCC, Mr. Dinneen served hundreds of patients at CeDAR for over a decade and was responsible for designing and implementing key parts of the clinical programming, including the 30 day Primary Program, the 60 day Extended Care Program, the 71 day Professionals Program, and the Intimacy Disorder track. Mr. Dinneen is an author, an international trainer and mentor for substance abuse counselors, and regularly presents at industry conferences across the U.S. Mr. Dinneen earned a B.A. in education at Boston College, and a Masters of Social Work at the University of Denver. Michael is married to Jill for 20 years, and a father of two high school aged children. He loves outdoor adventure, travel, and spiritual development. Licenses and Certifications: Formation Program for Spiritual Directors, Vincentian Spirituality Institute, 1998LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker #992263), 1999CACIII (Certified Addictions Counselor, State of CO), 1997CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) #2009C-0850, 2011CMAT (Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist) Work and Financial Disorders #2009C-8050, 2014EFT trained, IFS Level III trained.

Contact Michael via email at michael@valiantliving.com or telephone at (720) 669-1285.

Holistic Recovery and Treatment for Men & Support for Their Partners

We specialize in helping men above age 28 to create more connection to the self and loved ones. We're proud to have helped hundreds ofmen and their partners achieve recovery. But don't take it from us, some past clients have shared their stories below.

"It has been a vital part of my recovery in allowing me to be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For someone who deals with anxiety, having the tools to know how to surrender and be present has been crucial. Before doing these exercises, I never realized how little time I spent in the present. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have helped me find peace from rumination and future tripping by keeping me grounded in the here and now. It will continue to be an important part of my recovery and sobriety."

- Andrew
"The initial weeks and months of recovery were unsettling as I began to distance myself from my addiction. The practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga was an indispensable compliment to my treatment as I navigated the emotional fluctuations of the withdrawals. This practice has showed me how to step behind my emotions and other dysfunctional coping responses to focus on my inner self and begin rebuilding trust and a refreshing authenticity within myself as well as those I love."

- John W.
"As someone who has spent most of his addicted life stuck in his own head, the beginners yoga work that I’ve done at Valiant has been an unexpected, pleasant surprise. While I was very reluctant at first, I soon realized this was meditation for my body which allowed me to get in touch with pain, anger, and grief long buried from my childhood. I may never be a super cool yoga dude, however my experience here has convinced me that yoga will be a part of my recovery for the rest of my life. I'm super grateful for Malissa’s guidance and patience in helping me establish a new body focused dimension of recovery in my life."

- Jon L.

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Our team of experts are highly educated, motivated, and compassionate. We've got plenty of our own stories that could keep you busy for weeks. Introduce yourself today and you'll be welcomed with open arms.
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