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An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

 The goal of this training is to introduce you to the key aspects of ACT and give you real world applications of this modality. This training, like ACT itself, is going to involve multiple experiential exercises, along with didactic learning, lecture, and reflective practice. The exercises work best when we “real play” rather than roll play. I hope to create an environment where everyone feels safe to explore their own “psychologically inflexible” ways they respond to the world.

Recommended Reading: The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris – ISBN-13 : 978-1590305843

Week 1 Agenda:

  • An overview of the ACT model, including the six core processes that make up psychological flexibility.
  • The therapist’s role and stance.
  • An exploration why language causes suffering.
  • Two experiential exercises to reinforce what was learned.
  • Two question and answer sessions.

Week 2 Agenda:

  • Questions from previous session and homework (Also, discussion of the Happiness Trap).
  • A deeper look into Present Moment, Values, and Committed Action.
  • Incorporating ACT work into your individual sessions.
  • The importance of metaphor in ACT sessions.

Week 3 Agenda:

  • Questions from previous session/reviewing how you’ve applied ACT.
    A deeper look into Self-As-Context, Acceptance, and Cognitive Defusion.
  • How to case conceptualize in ACT.
  • How to apply ACT to group settings.
  • Experiential Exercise.

Week 4 Agenda:

  • A look at the ACT Matrix.
  • Review previous weeks, discuss how you’re applying it to your own work.
  • Sharing your conceptualization of a patient using ACT frameworks
  • Review of tools, exercises, experientials.
  • A very brief overview of Relational Frames and Functional Contextualism.
  • If there is time: applying ACT to highly shame prone clients.

We are excited to get to know each of you and hope you learn to love ACT as much as we have. We also hope it inspires you to seek out more training. ACT is such a powerful tool and is unlike any other modality, it has such an elegant underpinning of theory and practice, along with a very pragmatic approach to helping people find a new relationship to human suffering.

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