Restorations Therapy

Outpatient Therapy for Addiction & Intimacy Disorders

Discover, Rebuild & Navigate A New Life

Intimacy disorders include a full range of sexual and emotional issues.  Risky behaviors, infidelity, inappropriate relationships, electronic communications and pornography are a few of the main issues we treat in the Restorations track of our program.

Discovering the truth, rebuilding relationships and navigating the complexities of boundary failure are processed with couples and families in a compassionate and comprehensive way.  We have a process that will help you and your family make decisions that will affect the future by giving everyone a voice and a safe place to express their feelings

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Valiant Living’s Restorations Therapy Center offers therapy for addictions, sexual issues, and affair recovery in the Denver area. A range of services is offered including individual counseling, group counseling, couples therapy, marriage intensives, weekend intensives, and more, to provide customized treatment programs for every individual. to learn more, contact us today.