Colorado-Based Addiction Treatment Center Names New Wellness Director



[Greenwood Village, CO, July 13, 2022] — Valiant Living, a Colorado-based addiction treatment program for professional men, today named Malissa Schwamm its new wellness director. Schwamm is an experienced yoga and mindfulness instructor with more than 20 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and designing mindfulness programs for clients. She is passionate about helping clients on their healing journey through freedom in movement, mind/body harmony, and connecting more deeply with nature.


“One of the best ways to stabilize people in early recovery is the practice of mindfulness,” says Schwamm. “Mindfulness allows patients to be more at peace, calmer, more grounded, more centered when they are triggered to use.”


Many people with addiction misuse substances to suppress difficult emotions. They want to avoid being present and attempt to escape from their emotional pain, if only for a short while.

Mindfulness offers a different, much healthier solution. Instead of avoiding difficult emotions, mindfulness enables us to just be with them without being overwhelmed.


Schwamm likes to emphasize the element of trust. “I work from a space of empathy to create a sense of trust—it’s about building relationships with clients. People who come to a rehab program are looking for people they can trust. They want someone to see them, they need someone to hear them. I cultivate that space of trust with yoga and mindfulness.”


Valiant Living


If you are seeking a more comprehensive start for addiction treatment, contact Valiant Living Detox and Assessment at 303-647-4932 and get the individualized attention you need for stabilization, assessment, and discerning the best next steps in your journey.


The Professionals Program at Valiant Living helps male professionals understand and harmonize their minds and, thus, helps them and their family system heal. If you or a loved one has turned to drugs or alcohol to keep up at work and manage a high degree of daily stress, don’t hesitate to reach out for help by calling us today at 303-952-5035.

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