Colorado-Based Addiction Treatment Center Names New Clinical Director


[Greenwood Village, CO, July 19, 2022] — Valiant Living, a Colorado-based addiction treatment program for professional men, today named Stephen Sbanotto its new clinical director.Stephen Sbanotto, MS, LPC, CSAT-S has been a licensed professional counselor for 12 years and previously served as the director for sexual addictions and intimacy disorder treatment at Valiant Living. He is a certified sexual addictions therapist supervisor (CSAT-S) and enjoys helping therapists learn the Carnes 30-task Model for the treatment of sexual addictions and compulsive sexual behaviors. Stephen did an additional master's program in marriage and family therapy and is trained in emotionally focused couples therapy. He is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for trauma. Sbanotto values Valiant Living’s comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, addressing all addictive behaviors of clients as well as any other mental health issues.“Typically, when there is one addiction, there’s often another one or even three or more,” says Sbanotto. “Identifying those multiple addictions and how they interact is crucial. They don’t just co-occur, the better word for what’s happening is interaction.”Chief clinical officer Michael Simms appreciates Sbanotto’s impressive skillset: “There are only a handful of CSAT supervisors in Colorado. And then there’s his sophisticated, expanded view of recovery, the notion that all addictions are really intimacy disorders, meaning we’re primarily talking about a failure to connect with other human beings.”The treatment approach at Valiant Living also focuses heavily on the family system of the client and looks at all relevant interacting disorders to provide comprehensive services. “In his new role, Stephen Sbanotto will be an incredibly valuable addition to our program,” says Simms.Valiant LivingIf you are seeking a more comprehensive start for addiction treatment, contact Valiant Living Detox and Assessment at 303-647-4932 and get the individualized attention you need for stabilization, assessment, and discerning the best next steps in your journey. The Professionals Program at Valiant Living helps male professionals understand and harmonize their minds and, thus, helps them and their family system heal. If you or a loved one has turned to drugs or alcohol to keep up at work and manage a high degree of daily stress, don’t hesitate to reach out for help by calling us today at 303-952-5035.

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