Meet Our Staff

Anna Smith


Anna grew up in Eastern Asia, which was instrumental in her identity development. It gave her a deep curiosity about the world, a drive to understand people as unique individuals, and a thirst to constantly learn. This wanderlust led her from career to career and gradually drew her closer to counseling. Anna earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Denver Seminary. She feels it is life-giving walking with people in the darkest of times, hearing their stories, and helping them develop new tools to overcome. From her own personal experiences, she is aware that there are seasons in her client’s life that are heartbreaking and overwhelming. Anna holds constant hope that those times are not the end of the story and the therapeutic relationship itself can be a major component of surviving and healing.

Anna has advanced training and experience with sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. She is trained in EMDR which can be beneficial in processing trauma of all kinds. She sees each client who comes in the door as a distinct person, with an original story. Anna works with her clients to establish a safe relationship, define your goals, and work towards helping you through the seemingly impossible seasons.