Meet Our Staff

Anna Smith


I believe in reflecting hope in all situations, even the darkest of stories. I am passionate about helping people develop the necessary tools and goals to overcome the troubles and tribulations in their lives. I understand that people are more capable and prepared than they believe, and I work with clients to embrace that truth.

I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. My experience and specialized training equip me in a unique way to work with sex addiction; with both addicts and partners. I have also worked in substance use disorder treatment for many years and feel comfortable navigating recovery and building a whole, healthy life with clients as they find out who they are outside of their addiction. I know firsthand the trauma from being in an addictive system, and believe that the therapeutic process can improve the trajectory of recovery.

I will work with you to establish a safe relationship, define concrete goals, and work towards the change you want in your life. I utilize various tools and techniques, including EMDR and brainspotting, and in particular believe in the power of humor and laughter.